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Igloo Hotel and Village

Imagine sky full of stars and amazingly colorful northern lights. Would you like if you could sleep in an igloo where you could stare at the sky all night long? Well that’s now possible in Lapland. Little place called Kakslauttanen just near Ivalo and Saariselka has build a new Igloo Village where this kind of […]

Facts about Lapland

Facts about Lapland

What do you think, are there polar bears in Lapland? Lapland is indeed a place with a rather strange and even magical reputation. There are also some things that people really don’t know about Lapland. Here we have collected a list of some interesting facts about Lapland. Continue reading and you will find if there […]

Christmas in Lapland 2019

Christmas in Lapland 2019

How about Christmas in Lapland, 2019? Lapland is naturally the best place to spend your Christmas. Surely you must already be aware that Santa Claus, also known as Father Christmas, is originally from Korvatunturi, Finland. Korvatunturi is 483m high fell and it’s situated in Eastern Lapland. So do you believe in Santa Claus now? VISIT […]

Kuusamo Ruka

Ruka, one of the biggest ski centers in Finland is situated in the municipality of Kuusamo. Kuusamo Ruka is one of the main tourist attractions in Finland. Kuusamo is not actually situated in Lapland but is considered to be natural part of Lapland. Every now and then there are discussions whether Kuusamo should be made […]


Pyha-Luosto is situated in central Lapland, near Sodankyla and Pelkosenniemi. It’s not the biggest resort in Lapland but certainly not the smallest too. Pyha-Luosto is only about 120km from Rovaniemi airport, so it’s very easy to get there. It takes only 90 minutes to drive from Rovaniemi to Pyha-Luosto. What to do in Pyha-Luosto? Of […]


Saariselka is a largish holiday center and ski resort high up in eastern Lapland. Saariselka is about 250 km north of the Arctic Circle and nearly 1000 kilometers away from the capital of Finland, Helsinki. Saariselka is a compact village focused fully on providing great facilities for holidays. Saariselka has many great hotels and restaurants, […]


Olos is situated in western Lapland. It’s actually very close to Swedish border and belongs to Muonio municipality. The surroundings and atmosphere in Olos offers the visitor a great chance to fully relax on holiday. Olos has great winter sports facilities for cross-country skiing, downhill skiing and snowboarding. Therefore Olos hosts many cross-country skiing competitions […]


Yllas is one of the Lapland’s most popular destinations Yllas is one of the most popular ski resorts in Finland. That’s not a coincidence because Yllas is surrounded by the magnificent scenries of Lapland. Yllas is also suprisingly versatile holiday destination. Quiet holidays are as possible as holidays full of action and adventure. In addition […]

Rovaniemi is the capital of Lapland

Rovaniemi is the biggest city in Lapland Finland and also the capital of Lapland. The city of Rovaniemi is situated near the Arctic Circle and between the Ounasvaara and Korkalovaara hills, at the confluence of the River Kemijoki. Rovaniemi is the centre of business and education in Lapland, mainly because of its central location. There […]

Resorts in Lapland

Holiday resorts in Lapland are known for their enormous hospitality and are perfect holiday destinations for you. Here you can read some further information about the most popular holiday resorts in Lapland. Rovaniemi, Levi, Yllas, Saariselka, Kuusamo Ruka, Olos and Pyha-Luosto are all absolutely amazing holiday resorts to spend your holiday in Lapland. Here you can read some further information about the most […]