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Lapland Finland

Lapland Finland

Lapland Finland is made for everyone who is planning a holiday to Lapland.

Our aim is to give you valuable information about hotels, resorts and everything else related to Lapland and the success of your holiday in Lapland.

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There is something magical in Lapland. Once you have visited it for the first time, you feel like you must get back soon. Northern Lights, Santa Claus and the amazing nature of Lapland are the main reasons for that. To be honest — Lapland Finland is a magical place.

Lapland Facts

Lapland is a region in the northern parts of Finland, Sweden, Norway and also Russia. Lapland in Finland is almost a third of the total area of the country. Although the area is large, there lives under 200 000 people in Lapland. The highest peak in Lapland is Halti (1324 metres), which is also the highest peak in the whole Finland.

Just a few cities in Lapland

The largest cities in Lapland are Rovaniemi, Kemi and Tornio. Rovaniemi is the largest city with just over 60 000 inhabitants.

This website gives you valuable information about Lapland Finland. Hopefully you can find the spirit of Lapland in this website. Note that this website is still under construction. We will update the content and the layout step by step. So please, come back later to see if there’s some new content published.

Snowy trees in Lapland Lapland region is the largest and also the northernmost part of Finland. Lapland has borders with Sweden, Norway and Russia. Near the Kilpisjärvi is a point where borders of Finland, Sweden and Norway meet.

Lapland is quite large area, totaling almost 100 000 square kilometers. In this large area lives under 200 000 people so there are lots of space for everyone. If you prefer the city life you should visit Rovaniemi, the biggest city in Lapland with 60 000 inhabitants. Rovaniemi is often called the heart of Lapland and it actually is almost in the centre of Lapland. Other bigger cities are Kemi and Tornio.

Accommodation in Lapland

Lapland offers you a wide selection of accommodation possibilities. Whatever your needs are, you will find a suitable and a high quality accommodation which makes it possible for you to enjoy your holiday with full enjoyment.

All of the resorts in Lapland have naturally traditional hotels and spa hotels. Well calling the hotels traditional is not the best description, because they are everything else. Watching out of the hotel room’s window or just walking out the hotel and you’re in the amazing surroundings which only Lapland can offer.

Accommodation options

If you prefer you can always rent a cosy Log Cabin or perhaps even a luxurious villa, which perhaps give you a more natural accommodation. Talking about natural how would a night in glass igloo in the Igloo Village or in a hotel room in the Ice Hotel sound?

Lapland’s Coat of Arms If you really want to experience the nature of Lapland take your own tent and make your own home anywhere in the wilderness of Lapland. That could be just for one night or whatever you want. Accommodation possibilities are limitless in Lapland.

Your holiday accommodation will be unforgettable because Lapland offers many different accommodation options. You can spend your holiday in a quality hotel near the lively nightlife or in a cosy Log Cabin surrounded by the Lapland’s beautiful nature. If you are after a very special accommodation, Igloo Village and Ice Hotel surely guarantee you that side.

Your personal travel guide

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