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Facts about Lapland

What do you think, are there polar bears in Lapland? Lapland is indeed a place with a rather strange and even magical reputation. There are also some things that people really don’t know about Lapland.

Here we have collected a list of some interesting facts about Lapland. Continue reading and you will find if there are polar bears in Lapland or not.

  1. Did you know that Lapland makes up about one third of Finland’s total area.
  2. Did you know that Finnish Lapland is as big as Belgium, Holland and Switzerland put together.
  3. Did you know that in Lapland sun is visible around the clock 73 days in the summer.
  4. Did you know that the only real Santa Claus lives in Finnish Lapland.
  5. Some might think that there are polar bears in Lapland. Well, that’s not true.
  6. Did you know that only 3.6% of the Finnish population lives in Lapland.
  7. Did you know that there lives under 200 000 people in Lapland.
  8. Did you know that there are 21 municipalities in Lapland.
  9. The biggest towns in Lapland are Rovaniemi, Kemi and Tornio.

Is there something you would like to know about Lapland? Please let us know in the comments!

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