Igloo Hotel and Village

Imagine sky full of stars and amazingly colorful northern lights. Would you like if you could sleep in an igloo where you could stare at the sky all night long? Well that’s now possible in Lapland.

Little place called Kakslauttanen just near Ivalo and Saariselka has build a new Igloo Village where this kind of dream night is made possible. Spending a night in one of the Igloo Villages’ igloos is something you really should experience at least once in you life.

Experience Finland igloo holidays!

At first a night in one of the Igloo Villages’ igloos may sound like a very cold night. That’s not true because inside the glass igloos the temperature stays at normal room temperature levels. In the igloos made of snow the temperatures are at about -5 Celsius, but in those you have a cozy sleeping bag to warm you.

Igloo Village at Kakslauttanen has four great restaurants: Snow Restaurant, Kota Restaurant, Savusauna and the restaurant in the main building. At Kakslauttanen you can do all winter activities. In addition the Northern Lights can be seen at Kakslauttanen about from August to April.

Kakslauttanen is located about 250 kilometers north from the Arctic Circle. At these latitudes the midnight sun is visible for even two months so the days and nights are bright from the end of May to about August. So, you really should know where Lapland is, before starting to plan a igloo holiday in Lapland!

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