Saariselka is a largish holiday center and ski resort high up in eastern Lapland (Where is Lapland?). Saariselka is about 250 km north of the Arctic Circle and nearly 1000 kilometers away from the capital of Finland, Helsinki. Saariselka is a compact village focused fully on providing great facilities for holidays. Saariselka has many great […]


Olos is situated in western Lapland — now you may ask where is Lapland? Olos is actually very close to Swedish border and belongs to Muonio municipality. The surroundings and atmosphere in Olos offers the visitor a great chance to fully relax on holiday. Olos has great winter sports facilities for cross-country skiing, downhill skiing […]


Yllas is one of the Lapland’s most popular destinations Yllas (Ylläs in Finnish) is one of the most popular ski resorts in Finland. That’s not a coincidence because Yllas is surrounded by the magnificent sceneries of Lapland. Before we continue to read more about Yllas, we recommend you to familiarize yourself where Lapland is actually. […]

Rovaniemi is the capital of Lapland

Rovaniemi is the biggest city in Lapland Finland and also the capital of Lapland. The city of Rovaniemi is situated near the Arctic Circle and between the Ounasvaara and Korkalovaara hills, at the confluence of the River Kemijoki. Rovaniemi is the centre of business and education in Lapland, mainly because of its central location. There […]

Resorts in Lapland

Holiday resorts in Lapland are known for their enormous hospitality and are perfect holiday destinations for you. Here you can read some further information about the most popular Finnish Lapland resorts. Rovaniemi, Levi, Yllas, Saariselka, Kuusamo Ruka, Olos and Pyha-Luosto are all absolutely amazing holiday resorts to spend your holiday in Lapland. Choosing the resort for your holiday in Lapland Every resort offers […]

Hotels in Lapland

Hotels in Lapland

Holiday resorts in Lapland have numerous excellent hotels and spa hotels which both offer a high quality accommodation so you can have a full relaxation on your holiday. There are tens of hotels in Lapland and thousands of high quality hotel rooms. All of the hotels in Lapland offer excellent accommodation and allow you to […]

Lapland Holidays

Lapland Holidays

Lapland holidays are highly rated holidays. Lapland has become the favourite holiday destinations for many. There are many reasons for this but the nature of Lapland is surely one of the biggest. There are numerous of interesting travel and holiday resorts in Lapland. All of them have a broad selection of quality hotels, log cabins, […]

Where is Lapland?

Where is Lapland?

A question often asked by many is “Where is Lapland?”. Where in the earth is the home of the Santa Claus? Lapland is situated both sides of the arctic circle, in Finland. The winter in Lapland can be cold, but in the summer the sun won’t set down for months. We’ll let you know where […]

Welcome to your personal travel guide to Lapland Finland.

Our aim is to make your holiday in Lapland a huge success! Not really sure what are we talking about here? Start by finding about where is Lapland actually.


There are many stories about Santa Claus. Some say he is from Lapland, but there are also opposite opinions. Do you believe that the real Santa Claus is from Lapland Finland?

Did you know that…

Some might think that there are polar bears in Lapland. Well, that’s not true. You will have no fear of meeting a polar bear in Lapland, unless you are visiting the Ranua Zoo Wildlife Park, where you can see a real polar bear.


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