Lapland in spring

Lapland in spring

If you have already visited Lapland in winter or summer, then you should really consider a visit in the spring. Are you not sure if Lapland is worth a visit in the spring? Continue reading as in this article we will list various reasons to visit Lapland in spring.

Imagine the magical Lapland winter wonderland. Now imagine the landscape with even more snow and the sun. There might not be much sunlight in winter, but in spring the sun can be seen more and more. The spring is a beautiful season in latitudes where Lapland is located.

And the sun makes a huge difference. It makes the snow like a magical glittering powder and dramatically changes the landscape.

Visiting Lapland in all the four seasons should be on the list of all fans of Lapland. In Lapland and Finland as well there are clear differences between the seasons.

March, April, and May

Spring in Lapland is a three month period: March, April, and May.

March is the first month of spring in Lapland. It is the month when the sun really starts showing up more and more. There is still plenty of snow on the ground – sometimes well over a metre on many places. Actually March is often the month with the most snow on the ground.

April is the second month of spring in Lapland. In March and April temperatures are still below zero, and especially the mornings can be quite cold. If the sun is shining the weather is amazingly beautiful. In addition the temperature may rise well over ten degrees Celsius during the day.

May is the month when the snow starts to disappear from the most parts of Lapland. Temperatures can be anything from below zero to even 30 degrees. Usually somewhere between 5 and 15 degrees Celsius.

In May trees start to turn to green again. Actually the whole landscape is quite green, and completely different than in the beginning of spring.

To sum it up in the springtime the nature of Lapland wakes up from the cold, dark, and long winter. Also the sun comes back and usually once it shines it really shines. Depending on the location there is usually quite much snow still on the ground. And when it is combined with the sun, the landscape is really beautiful.

What to do in spring?

Spring is hugely popular time for the local people of Lapland to go skiing, whether it is cross country skiing or downhill skiing. Cross country skiing tracks and downhill skiing slopes are at their best in the spring time.

There are thousands of lakes in Finland, and hundreds in Lapland as well. Often you can see the local people sitting on the frozen ice doing something quite bizarre. Well, they are ice fishing. Of course! So, you can go to ice fishing as well. Just be careful, and don’t go alone if you are not experienced ice fisher!

Going to a safari with a snow mobile is also highly popular. Going to a safari is also possible by going to a husky safari or even a reindeer safari. So, if you are not that keen on driving a snow mobile, take huskies or reindeers instead!

Weather in spring can be anything from under -30 Celsius to many degrees above zero. If the sun is really shining from a clear sky, it can be really warm in the sun. Also the temperature may rise tens of degrees during a sunny day.

This makes it quite challenging to choose clothing, but don’t worry it will be just fine with some help from your guides.

Lapland spring water

If you came here to find information about Lapland spring water we can say you that there are many spring water producers in Lapland. Here are a couple of links for you, so you can find some more information.

Have you visited Lapland in spring? How did you like your trip? Let us know and write a comment!

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