Lapland in summer

When thinking about visiting Lapland it is usual to think only winter. But did you know that in the summer Lapland can offer quite magical atmosphere.

The magic comes from the midnight sun in Lapland Finland. Yes, you read that right. In Lapland the sun can stay up even in the midnight. If that is not magical then nothing is!

Summer in Lapland starts in June, and continues through July to the end of August.

Green is the color of summer in Lapland. There are so many trees in Lapland that sometimes it looks like green is the only color.

Activities in Summer

There are many activitites to be experienced in the summer time. Going hiking, cycling, mountain biking or canoeing are hugely popular activities. You can relax in spas, enjoy the midnight sun and maybe go listen to some live music at one of Lapland’s music festivals.

Mountain biking in Lapland

Mountain biking is one of the activities that has gained a lot of popularity in Lapland in recent years.

Summer is naturally the most popular season for mountain biking. Nowadays fatbikes have made mountain biking an activity which can be done all year round.

If you are not one of the rare bringing your own bike along, you  an use one of the rental services to rent a bike. There are a good selection of bikes available, especially at the larger resorts like Yllas, Levi, Saariselka and Ruka Kuusamo.

Rovaniemi is also a good destinations for a mountain biking in Lapland. Ounasvaara near the centre of Rovaniemi has some great trails to explore by bike in summer and also in other seasons.


Lapland is basically full of marked hiking paths. From short paths starting from under one kilometre to trails over hundred kilometres long.

If you are experienced hiker you can plan your own trip. Beginners can do shorter day trips near the largest resort for example.

While outside you can pick up some berries. Just make sure that they are edible! So, pick only berries that you know well enough. Blueberries are usually easiest to find. They are pickable usually in the end of summer.

Temperatures in summer

Summer is obviously the warmest season in Lapland. Temperatures are usually somewhere between 10 and 20 degrees Celsius.

But it is not so rare to see temperatures drop below zero on the night. Sometimes there might even snow in the summer!


One thing that may be quite annoying in the summer time are the mosquitos. But there are some good stuff that you can put on your skin to keep mosquitos and other insects away. You can mosquito repellent basically from all the shops in Lapland.

Mosquitos usually arrive in June.

Many travel companies in Lapland have started to take better actions to make sure that Lapland is worth a visit also in the summertime, not just winter. Experiencing the Midnight sun alone is something that should make you consider visiting Lapland in summer.

Have you been in Lapland in summer? What was your trip like, did you enjoy it as much as a visit in the winter? Let us know in the comments!

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