Kuusamo Ruka

Ruka, one of the biggest ski centers in Finland is situated in the municipality of Kuusamo. Kuusamo Ruka is one of the main tourist attractions in Finland. Kuusamo is not actually situated in Lapland but is considered to be natural part of Lapland. Every now and then there are discussions whether Kuusamo should be made also officially part of Lapland.

Kuusamo Ruka is a major center for winter sports and receives as much as a million tourists every year. Ruka is also the host of many international competitions in ski jumping, cross-country skiing and Nordic combined.


In Kuusamo Ruka area there are no less than 500km cross-country skiing tracks, of which 40 km are illuminated. In Kuusamo Ruka there are also 29 excellent ski slopes and 19 ski lifts.

Karhunkierros (The trail of the bear), is the most popular hiking trail in Finland. The 80 km long trail leads through two beautiful national parks. There are also several shorter variations of the trail. The huts tend to get full during peak season (end of June to beginning of August), so you should consider bringing your own tent. Is there a better way to see the nature of Lapland than hiking?

Want to have a more peaceful family holiday? Well of course that’s possible in Ruka too. Just rent for example a log cabin and spend your holiday in environment you can’t find anywhere else than Lapland.

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