Pyha-Luosto is situated in central Lapland, near Sodankyla and Pelkosenniemi. It’s not the biggest resort in Lapland but certainly not the smallest too.

Pyha-Luosto is only about 120km from Rovaniemi airport, so it’s very easy to get there. It takes only 90 minutes to drive from Rovaniemi to Pyha-Luosto.

What to do in Pyha-Luosto? Of course there’s all the traditional ways to spend your holiday but also some other interesting ways. Or what does Amethyst Mine sound like. In addition the mine is actually the only one in Europe which welcomes visitors.

Holiday in Pyha-Luosto

Pyha-Luosto offers great surroundings for active holiday. In Pyha-Luosto area there are 170 km of cross-country skiing tracks, of which 40 km are illuminated. In Pyha-Luosto there are also a total of 17 excellent ski slopes for downhill skiing and snowboarding.

Husky, reindeer and snowmobile safaris are also available. As well as ice climbing, ice swimming etc. exciting activities.

In the summer you may want to hike in the amazing wilderness of Lapland or maybe try some rock climbing. There are also many other activities like hiking, canoeing, fishing and bicycling.

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