Yllas is one of the Lapland’s most popular destinations

Yllas (Ylläs in Finnish) is one of the most popular ski resorts in Finland. That’s not a coincidence because Yllas is surrounded by the magnificent sceneries of Lapland.

Before we continue to read more about Yllas, we recommend you to familiarize yourself where Lapland is actually.

Yllas is also surprisingly versatile holiday destination. Quiet holidays are as possible as holidays full of action and adventure. In addition Yllas is not just a ski resort, Yllas is also a great destination for summer holidays and activities.

There are a total of seven fells in the Yllas area. Yllas fell itself is 718 meters high and thus one of the highest fells in Lapland. Other fells near Yllas are Kukastunturi, Lainiotunturi, Kuertunturi, Kesanki, Pyhatunturi and Aakenustunturi.

Yllas area consists two villages – Akaslompolo on the northern side of the the Yllas fell and Yllasjarvi village on the southern side. These two original villages of Lapland are connected by 11 kilometers long road which goes around the Yllas fell.


Yllas is best known for its amazing skiing possibilities. Whether you like downhill skiing, cross-country skiing or snowboarding, Yllas is the place to do some winter sports. Actually Yllas is the highest fell in Finland where you can find skiing lifts. In the Yllas area there are:

  • 330km cross-country skiing tracks, 38km of which are lit
  • 61 ski slopes
  • 29 ski lifts

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