Your Ultimate Guide to Luxury Holidays in Lapland Finland!

What is Lapxury?

Lapxury comes from Lapland Luxury. It means really luxurious holidays in Lapland.

Lapland is full of log cabins and villas. Lapxury goes well beyond these with a luxurious villas and…

An appetizing cocktail of falling snowflakes, Northern Lights dancing in the sky, and a cozy, opulent setting—an experience commonly termed as “Lapxury”. All that is quintessentially Lapland, but with an added touch of luxury. Luxuriate in Lapland!

Majestic Lapland, Finland: An Overview

Deeply situated at the Arctic Circle’s fringe, Lapland’s fascinating charm lies not only in its snow-laden forests and ethereal northern lights, but also in the plush, unmatched experiences it offers.

Luxurious Accommodation: Lapland’s Best Kept Secret

Lapland boasts some of the best luxury hotels and resorts offering top-notch amenities, absolute privacy, and warm hospitality. Featuring heated glass igloos, cedarwood cabins, decadent treehouses, and opulent ice hotels, staying in Lapland is a magical experience in itself.

5 Best Luxury Holiday Locations in Lapland

  1. Rovaniemi: Often termed as Santa’s official residence, Rovaniemi also hosts high-end hotels like the Arctic Treehouse and Arctic Glass Igloos.
  2. Saariselkä: Home to the world’s northernmost holiday resort, Saariselkä allows you to luxuriate in the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort with its famous glass igloos.
  3. Levi: Known for design hotels like the Golden Crown Levin Iglut, Levi takes Lapxury to new heights.
  4. Ylläsjärvi: Ylläsjärvi shines with the luxurious Lapland Hotels Saaga offering spa facilities in a ski resort setting.
  5. Sirkka: The high-end, log-constructed Levistar Apartments gives Sirkka its shine.

Lapxury Activities: It’s More Than Just Prancing Reindeers

Apart from soaking in the serene beauty, Lapland has much to offer:

  • Snow Activities: Engage in high-end snowmobiling and exclusive dog husky or reindeer safaris in the fabled snowy wilderness.
  • Ice Fishing: Experience private ice fishing trips on frozen lakes, an all-inclusive luxury experience.
  • Helicopter Tours: View the aerial spectacle of snow-bathed forests and the Northern Lights, all with a personal helicopter tour.
  • Wellness Services: Enjoy rejuvenating spa services, hot saunas, and heated indoor pools in your luxury resort.
  • Private Dining: Taste the Lappish cuisine in an intimate setting with private chefs catering to your preference.

The Phenomena: Northern Lights & Polar Nights

The mesmerising Aurora Borealis is a prime attraction. Lapland’s luxury accommodations are designed with glass ceilings and large windows, allowing for an uninterrupted private spectacle of this phenomenon. Also, during the “Kaamos” or Polar Nights time, you can experience a faint magical glow for several weeks – an ethereal display that complements the Lapxury experience perfectly.

Conclusion: The Polar Prestige of Lapxury Awaits You!

When it comes to experiential holidays, Lapxury easily trumps other options. From star gazing from your bed in a glass igloo, observing the Northern Lights in private, to lavishing in rejuvenating saunas, Lapxury pampers you with the best of nature bundled with absolute comfort & convenience.

So, when adventure calls, let it be one that doesn’t compromise on luxury. Consider Lapxury for an unforgettable holiday of opulent warmth in an Arctic wonderland – because you deserve nothing but the best!

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Welcome to your personal travel guide to Lapland Finland.

Our aim is to make your holiday in Lapland a huge success! Not really sure what are we talking about here? Start by finding about where is Lapland actually.


There are many stories about Santa Claus. Some say he is from Lapland, but there are also opposite opinions. Do you believe that the real Santa Claus is from Lapland Finland?

Did you know that…

Some might think that there are polar bears in Lapland. Well, that’s not true. You will have no fear of meeting a polar bear in Lapland, unless you are visiting the Ranua Zoo Wildlife Park, where you can see a real polar bear.


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